My Personal Wish List

Despite the latest post where I ranted about a shitty week I had I’m in a good place mentally and emotionally. I’m better than I’ve been in years. Instead of waisting away in what used to be my prison cell at the Cottages of Boone I’m in a place that I’m happy to call a […]

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The Cottages of Boone

I truly hope that when I get back to Boone that I will have the apartment all to myself. If I’m forced to ride out what’s left of my lease then I want to do so in peace. The last thing I want is to deal with anyone over there. I’ve already got my hands […]

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Motherfucker, WHAT?!!!

So yeah……remember when I posted up “Cold Feet” and I mentioned how when things look like they’re working out and I was just waiting for the Universe to pull some shit and say, “Psych!!” And then make me yell out, “Mmotherfucker, WHAT?!!” Not five minutes after I posted “Cold Feet” my one friend at the […]

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