GameTimeReview: Persona 5

This review is long overdue, but here I am! Confession time, I love the Persona franchise as if it were the only thing that my existence depended on! Which is why I’m gonna try to keep this review as short, sweet, and concise as possible because otherwise I will lose focus, rant, and might unintentionally […]

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GameTimeReview: Nier Automata

Hi everyone. I present to you my first game review! I’m starting off with a title that I’ve recently beaten and currently replaying. Here’s my honest opinion about the game. Intro: Nier Automata was recently released last month. It is the sequel to Nier Gestalt/Replicant which came out for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and […]

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Reviews Incoming!

Earlier I said the I would go back to blogging reviews on certain things. I’m feeling that the first batch of reviews will be on video games. Here’s how reviews will work. The rules will follow for all subjects. 1) I will do my best to keep things spoiler free. No promises though. 2) Scores […]

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