Reviews Incoming!

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Earlier I said the I would go back to blogging reviews on certain things. I’m feeling that the first batch of reviews will be on video games.

Here’s how reviews will work. The rules will follow for all subjects.

1) I will do my best to keep things spoiler free. No promises though.
2) Scores will be given on a scale of 1 to 10.
3) Pros and cons will be pointed out.
4) I will be as objective as I possibly can. No promises though.
5) Certain points of the subjects will be open for critique. Like games will be judged for replay value, game controls, music, plot, characters. While movies will be critiqued for directing, acting, casting, plot, etc.

These reviews will be based on my opinion and my opinion alone. If I happen to like something you hate or hate something you like, don’t freak out. Drop a comment or hit me up so we can discuss it like mature adults. Or as close as we may get to it…. (Because weebs are some opinionated motherfuckers)

Good day everyone!