Don’t Mess With Writers

Warning: I’m a writer with an Uber acid trip imagination with years of pent up thoughts and emotions. Anything you say or do is subject to material for my storytelling. And don’t think that I won’t ever remember. The inside of my brain is like hoarders loaded with memories, random facts, and god knows what that may be spawned from the primordial ooze that is my imagination.

dangerous mind

Hey you, Likebots!

Okay no more than two seconds later after my last post someone already hit the like button. Bitch, are you even human?!

What? Do you just stay glued to the computer and WordPress like this…


And just wait for me to post something? No one reads that fast!!!

And if you do exactly that I gotta say that’s not very healthy. That’s about healthy as actually mixing red bull and coffee together….

There, rant over.

Good day.