Kitchen Magic Comeback!!

I have not cooked for a very long time. And I need to jump back into it. Here’s what I’m making!!

Bibimbap!! Korean style mixed rice!! Another Maangchi inspired recipe!! Wish me luck!! Will post results!!!

Ginger Tea


Another recipe mastered! Courtesy Maangchi the Korean Julia Child!

One cup of ginger, one cup of honey, mix them together, pour water (hot or cold), top it off with pine nuts, and blamo! You’ve got some nice tasting tea!

I might give up coffee for this….

PFFTT!!!! Who the fuck am I kidding? Wired is better than tired, twitching is better than bitching!

Let’s Chef It Up!!


I owe myself some kitchen magic today!! So I’m gonna cook up a storm!! Expect pictures later! By the way, this is me.

I’m ready to cook and I will cut a bitch at the same time!! Don’t play me!

And don’t I look just cute in an apron….? I digress!

Good day!

Pomegranate Tea


It’s official. I’m a tea person now. Move aside Kermit! And now that I’ve got my tea what else can I say other than…

Writer Brain Engines, Activate!!!!

I made this tea with the actual fruit. If anyone’s curious go check out Maangchi’s cooking channel on YouTube. 최고의 아줌마.

This tea is good for the nerves….