Let’s Chef It Up!!

I owe myself some kitchen magic today!! So I’m gonna cook up a storm!! Expect pictures later! By the way, this is me. I’m ready to cook and I will cut a bitch at the same time!! Don’t play me! And don’t I look just cute in an apron….? I digress! Good day!

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Pomegranate Tea

It’s official. I’m a tea person now. Move aside Kermit! And now that I’ve got my tea what else can I say other than… Writer Brain Engines, Activate!!!! I made this tea with the actual fruit. If anyone’s curious go check out Maangchi’s cooking channel on YouTube. 최고의 아줌마. This tea is good for the […]

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For the Future Part 2

So I was fuming after that little post earlier. Never mind the fact that I was frustrated and confused, but I was really really hungry. So I went and made myself some comfort food. Cooking never fails to be therapeutic. It’s right up there with writing. This what I made by the way. It’s called […]

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