Moving Out and Moving On

So I’ve been in the process of searching for a new place to move into. I’m currently living in the Cottage of Boone. My current lease runs out in July. I’ve been living here for almost three years now. I’ve tried before to get out of here sooner. I came really close last year, but got blindsided by some contractual “read the fine print” type of bullshit. I did everything I was supposed to do. I went apartment hunting, I scanned through the classifieds every stupid day, I put up an ad to sublease my current apartment, but no one wanted it. Well some girls wanted it but I couldn’t sign the place over to them knowing full well that they’d be stuck in a house full of guys who don’t know how to clean. Plus last semester I was really unlucky when some thugs moved in. They were arrested and evicted at the beginning of this semester.

But I finally found a place that I think is the one for me.


It’s a house that was recently renovated, so no sublease. It’s ready to move into. It’s less than a mile away from campus and it’s also within walking distance to 3 different bus stops. It’s a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. It’s also pet friendly, has a fenced in backyard, a nice porch, and a tire swing. It’s got character and history. It’s the perfect place for a writer.

I’ve already said yes to the place. I’ve turned in my application. Now it’s just a matter of finding some new roommates and I really hope I can land some real good ones. I’ve already placed an ad online. Now it’s a matter of time of waiting for a response.

The perks of having me as a roommate: I cook and I clean. I like anime, binging movies, and playing video games. I tend to keep to myself a lot, but if you’re nice than I’m nice. I really hope this works out because there is no way in hell am I giving the Cottages another year of my life. Forget that!!

The roommate situation will sort itself out. The hard part is over. I found a place that I like and it meets all my needs. I can at least be happy about that.