Chicken Fried Rice

Goal accomplished. I cooked. I sang. And I will clean up after I eat. I owe myself this dish and I devour it until there is not a single grain of rice left over.




Ginger Tea


Another recipe mastered! Courtesy Maangchi the Korean Julia Child!

One cup of ginger, one cup of honey, mix them together, pour water (hot or cold), top it off with pine nuts, and blamo! You’ve got some nice tasting tea!

I might give up coffee for this….

PFFTT!!!! Who the fuck am I kidding? Wired is better than tired, twitching is better than bitching!

Yummy Yummy Boom Boom!


Kitchen Magic was strong today!! Sliced pickles, cheeze-its, boiled egg, kimchi, gimbap with cooked beef, tuna, and more kimchi inside. Also beef fried rice mixed with sweet and spicy sauce, fried shrimp, and cut up fried chicken tenders. Both were fried up with panko breadcrumbs.

I also prepared some ninjin shiri-shiri on the side. This recipe I picked up from the Youtube Channel, Cooking with Dog. The gimbap is another recipe I picked up from Maangchi’s cooking channel. This was the hard recipe to get through. I still need a lot of practice, but I’m getting better!!

I’d make a nice man-wife for someone, wouldn’t I? God I wish I had a man to cook for. Someone who can pay me back in sexual favors. Work off the carbs, ya know?

Later days!

Let’s Chef It Up!!


I owe myself some kitchen magic today!! So I’m gonna cook up a storm!! Expect pictures later! By the way, this is me.

I’m ready to cook and I will cut a bitch at the same time!! Don’t play me!

And don’t I look just cute in an apron….? I digress!

Good day!