So I have a paper in media ethics that’s due tomorrow. I was nerve wracked mess for weeks because I had nothing to work with. I could write my fictional stuff without breaking a sweat but I couldn’t do the work where it mattered most in this crapshack reality I live in. But guess what? […]

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The Balance of Two Worlds

As a writer I feel myself caught between different realms of both reality and fiction. It doesn’t help that I’m in the more practical major of journalism when my first love is fiction writing. Then there’s also the fact that I’m always creating different stories with different people and not all of them happen to […]

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The Price I’ve Paid.

One of the joys of being a neurotic depressing hermit like myself is the beauty of drowning myself in my own thoughts which means having to inevitably over think and analyze every little thing. I say that with as much fake enthusiasm as I can possibly muster. How do I further illustrate the beauty of […]

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