Letting Go

I had to be very careful with the wording for the title in this entry. But I’m fairly certain a few people will immediately be filled with the intense desire to break out into song, “Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore!” There…it’s out of my system for the moment. The […]

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Post Eclipse De-Cluttering

So….how about that eclipse? Yup, that was a thing that happened. Uh huh….seriously I have nothing to say about it. I saw it with everyone at Sanford Mall with those dumbass glasses, my eyes felt itchy and watery which made me paranoid as fuck. So I got up and marched my way to The Local […]

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My Own Little World

I’ve been quite the reclusive writer as of late. An escape from reality for me was long overdue anyway. I found a bunch of old drafts and ideas that I had jotted down for the many stories that I never finished or barely started. I feel like I’m reconnecting with old friends whenever I read […]

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Dream Limbos and Lost Prophets

So I’m back home now. So far so good everything’s great *knocks on wood*. I met up with one of my best friends, Scott, who took me out for Korean food. Turns out I’ve been eating bibimbap the wrong way this entire time. No one ever told me that you mix the stuff yourself. The […]

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