Back to Action

Well I survived my first day of the summer semester. It went without a hitch. I didn’t feel like jumping out of my skin. I was able to get my books without any problems and it turns out my meeting with the EIT is scheduled for tomorrow. I was right. The lady had to call […]

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Welcome Back Me….Yay.

So I get back to my little Hellhole. I put away the groceries after making space in the fridge and unpack all my things. I pay the electric bill. I pour myself a much needed cup of wine. (Really I’m using a coffee mug because no one uses glasses in this house. People are more […]

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The Cottages of Boone

I truly hope that when I get back to Boone that I will have the apartment all to myself. If I’m forced to ride out what’s left of my lease then I want to do so in peace. The last thing I want is to deal with anyone over there. I’ve already got my hands […]

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Within my Minds Eye

A good friend of mine recently spoke to me about the Laws of Attraction. I do believe that thoughts become things and that the things we put out we attract to ourselves. I’m trying to go back to actively putting creative visualization back into my life which includes believing in the Laws of Attraction. Remember […]

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Being Real.

These last few days have had on me on edge in a serious way. Yesterday I dodged what would have been serious bullet to me. My “Cold Feet” and anxieties were spiking up. It made it difficult to do stuff that needed attention like paying my tuition. I admit that I’m a bad procrastinator. I […]

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My Happy List

I’ve been “that guy” who talks nonstop about depression and anxiety and the things that trigger it to put me on edge. I need to take the time to get out of the darkness. I’m playing out some music that I haven’t listened to in a long time. It’s gotten me feeling all nostalgic and […]

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